Envases Grau was founded in 1905 by D. Vicente Grau Martinez in Tavernes of Valldigna, Valencia, who started the family business of wooden packaging for horticultural use. After the continuity of D. Antonio Grau Grau family business was in 1961 where D. Emilio Grau Solanes expanded facilities Envases Antonio Grau SA and initiated the modernization by implementing the latest technology in all production processes, modernization that continues today.






In 1985 the opening of Envases Grau-Huelva SL was conducted for the manufacture and marketing of packaging for strawberries. In 1990, D. Emilio Grau Solanes founded the company Envases Grau SL for the manufacture and marketing of paperboard packaging corrugated. For this investment, is made in the most modern and advanced machinery.

In 2013, the Group was expanded creating the Grau-Lleida Envases delegation, consolidated in 2016 with the acquisition of a new 12,000m2 plot and ending the new facilities in February 2017. At the end of 2017, the Group consolidated its presence in the area of ​​Huelva and Sevilla with the purchase of a plot in Almonte of 18,000m2, where it has built a 9,000m2 factory. This new installation, together with the one that the company already has in the town of Moguer, allows the Group to offer an express service to all its customers in the area of ​​greatest cultivation of strawberries and berries of the national territory.


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