We manufacture specialized wooden packaging for fruits and vegetables.

We offer different types of formats in boxes and packaging, adapting to the needs and products of our customers. We also work with packaging for other sectors.

Our packaging are highly valued for their reliability, resistance and rapid cooling in cameras.


Currently following a constant monitoring and with the implementation of our innovation plans to achieve the objectives required by the sector, we have managed to further reduce the pre-cooling time, improving the bottom of the packaging and reducing the plywood surface.

Envases de madera para fresa

Packaging Antonio Grau manufactures authentic pitufo® packaging.


We also make different types of printing, customizing the packaging with the brand of our customers and different materials, such as plywood or MDF.


We also manufacture headboards, sides, etc.


- 30x20 Packaging for strawberries, raspberries, cherries, etc ...

- 40x30 Packaging for citrus fruits, tomatoes, Paraguayans, pears, medlars, etc ...

- 44x30 Packaging for citrus fruits, pomegranates, etc ...

- 50x30 Packaging for kakis, nectarines, peaches, apples, etc ...

- Official pitufo® packaging.



Envases Antonio Grau SA has the certification and the Grow Quality seal, which guarantees that packaging we manufacture comply with quality standards and ensure resistance and respect for the environment.


Our raw material is natural and of national origin.


More than 100 years endorse Packaging Antonio Grau S.A. working in the sector.  


Our experience is a guarantee of service and quality, that is why we offer a unique service in the sector.



We are partners since 1991 of FEDEMCO (E-V-043), Spanish Federation of Wood Packaging and its Components.    


Fedemco brings value to improve packaging for fruits and vegetables.


We comply with the most demanding legislation, we also have policies focused on quality, innovation and respect for the environment.


Thanks to companies like ours, today Europe has 25% more trees than a decade ago.

Call us at +34 962 824 004

   envasesgrau@ipaper.com  |   +34 962 824 004

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Envases de madera para frutas